About us

The Mission

This is the moment to demonstrate to the world that we can have a different future. A future in which the bicycle faces up to 'The Corporation'.

A future in which the Rider rises up the streets, roads, mountains, villages, cities... with his/her bike.

A future in which the bicycle takes up its place.

Our mission: To conquer the world. Are you ready?

The philosophy

Enjoy, dream, fight, believe, smile, conquer, ride bicycle... play.

RiderState is a social game for bicycle users. All that we desire is to riding the bicycle in a different way. We have a dream in which the bicycle becomes the best means of transport to get around in the cities. Our goal is to turn the bicycle into the best means of transport to get around in the cities, because it leads to an eco friendly and healthy lifestyle that assures our freedom.

Believe; this dream is real, but we must demonstrate that we are many dreamers. Smile while riding your bicycle because by sharing your experience you will be helping us to conquer the world on two wheels.

How are we going to make it? It's very easy. Riding the bicycle and playing RiderState.

The Team

Santi Casado
Co-Founder / CEO
Valentín Moreno
César Martín
Co-Founder / Customer Care & UX
Javier Arias
Strategy Advisor
Pedro Morgado
iOS Developer
Julio Berzal
Android Developer
Ignacio Hidalgo
Web developer
Miguel Ángel Ríos



Ride a bike get points and become

Cyclist BIBE_2014

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